Sporting Injury

Did you get one of your teeth knocked out whilst playing sport?

Have you suffered a mouth injury playing during a game?

The reality of playing sport is that injuries can occur. Such injuries can range from small things that you can play through, to major incidents that require immediate emergency medical treatment.

If you, a team mate or player in your sporting team suffers a dental related injury to your teeth or mouth, it is recommended you seek professional advice as soon as possible.

Adelaide Emergency Dental has many years of experience in treating sporting related oral injuries and provide the best possible care for children and adults alike.

We are also proud to be recognised as the on-call dentist for numerous teams spanning sports such as

  • Footbal
  • Ice hockey
  • Netball
  • Baseball
  • Indoor cricket

So if your team or League requires an at call emergency dentist please contact us on 0437 733 350.