Cracked tooth or teeth

Cracked teeth are a relatively common problem among patients. They can present in a variety of ways however you may not even notice them or your dentist may only discover them when they are replacing older fillings. It is uncommon, though possible, for cracks to develop in teeth which haven’t been filled before.

Cracks more commonly occur in teeth which have large fillings in them, especially if those fillings are amalgam (silver fillings). These materials tend to be a lot harder than your own tooth so cracks form more readily. Those who have lost many teeth previously are more prone to getting cracks as heavy forces from chewing and grinding are placed on fewer teeth, straining them.

The most classic symptom that presents when you have a cracked tooth is a short sharp and well localized pain on releasing biting pressure. Cracked teeth are also a sign that you may have a heavy bite and you may be grinding or clenching your teeth, which is related to stress.

Cracked teeth may cause significant problems as they can weaken the tooth, resulting in part of the tooth eventually fracturing off. If the crack extends to the nerve of the tooth it may cause you a nasty tooth ache as well. In the worse case scenario, if the crack extends all the way down the middle of the tooth (known as a vertical root fracture) the tooth may need to be removed.

If you believe you have a cracked or teeth, we strongly recommend you visit a professionally trained dentist as soon as possible.

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