Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

If you are suffering from a toothache, it may be a sign that you require root canal treatment.

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that involves completely removing the nerve within the tooth, placing antibiotics within the tooth to ensure that it is sterile and subsequently filling the space with an inert plastic-like material.

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve "dies" as a result of extensive decay in the tooth, a large filling or crack, or following direct trauma leading to exposure of the nerve to the outside environment and bacterial contamination.

If you need root canal, your dentist from Adelaide Emergency Dental will spend some time determining whether your tooth will benefit from a root canal treatment, or whether there are more suitable alternative options.

A root canal generally requires multiple visits.

  1. At the first visit, the aim of the treatment is to get you out of pain. Local anaesthetic is administered and allowed to work, ensuring that you are numb. A rubber, (or latex free if applicable) dam is placed to isolate the affected tooth. A hole is then drilled through the top of the tooth to access the nerve. The nerve is removed by placing small files down the narrow canals and the debris is washed out. An antibiotic/anti-inflammatory dressing in placed inside the canals and a temporary filling is placed in the tooth.
  2. At the next visit time is dedicated to careful cleaning and shaping of the canals.
  3. The last visit involves filling the canals with heated plastic-like points.

At Adelaide Emergency Dental, we have the latest in dental technology to ensure your root canal treatment runs smoothly. Our clinicians can utilize two operating microscopes which may be used during root canal treatment allowing for more precise negotiation of narrow canal spaces and location of accessory or extra canal systems. We also use specialised equipment to assist us in our root canal preparation which offers superior cleaning and disinfection of the root canal space.

After the treatment is completed you will generally require a new filling or crown to replace the temporary filling.

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