Leisure Activities

Active leisure activities are a favoured Australian pastime, and expose many of us to the risk of injuries and dental trauma.

As outlined in the Australian Dental Association Guidelines regarding Prevention and Management of Oral Injuries:

  • Many individuals participate in vigorous pursuits either in organised groups or alone
  • Some identified activities which present risk of oral injury, and for which suitable protective equipment is recommended include:
    • Off-road bike-riding
    • Rock climbing
    • Trampolining

Oral injury can occur anywhere. Young children and teenagers have been identified as high risk groups, particularly when inexperience and new activities are involved.

Public education programmes are currently being run to try to raise awareness of potential oral injuries, and the importance of parental supervision and protective equipment when undertaking leisure activities.

Adelaide Emergency Dental recommends recreational equipment and environments be designed where practicable to minimise the likelihood of injury, with a particular emphasis on head injuries.

If you do suffer a dental injury, knocked out or fractured tooth during a leisure activity it is recommended you seek treatment from a professionally trained dentist.

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