Cavity (Dental Decay)

Look in the mirror and see holes in your teeth?

Feel a hole with your tongue on the back teeth?

Dental decay is one of the most common diseases for Australians. There are billions of tiny bacteria living on all of the surfaces of your mouth. Most are good bacteria and are essential for the maintenance of a healthy mouth. Only a small number are decay causing; however the devastation they can cause is enormous!

These bacteria feed off simple carbohydrates, such as sugar. When they are in contact with the sugars they break it down and produce acid. The acid then dissolves the minerals out from within the enamel, making it soft and cavities can follow if the destructive acids are left to linger on the tooth.

Getting your teeth checked by your dentist regularly will detect any decay early so your dentist can work with you to prevent this process from happening again and the procedure involved in fixing the tooth will be relatively simple.

If attended to quickly fillings can be a minor procedure, whilst if left to spread decay can cause infections, loss of teeth and toothache, not to mention much increased cost.

Should you notice holes on your teeth, or spreading black marks, do not delay in getting advice from a professionally trained dentist!

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