Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth coming through and causing you pain?

Think you have a hole in your wisdom teeth?

Gum sore and swollen adjacent to your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth can become painful at the most annoying times! When you are stressed, run down and busy.

When there is not enough room in your jaw for your wisdom teeth to erupt straight, they can become stuck or impacted and part of the tooth remains covered by gum (partially erupted). This area of gum can become infected and swollen at times, causing lots of discomfort. This is known as pericoronitis and is often a warning sign that you should consider getting your wisdom teeth removed.

If you have a swelling associated with a partially erupted wisdom tooth, this is a dental emergency you must see a dentist as soon as possible. One of the worst things that can happen as a result of an impacted wisdom tooth is damaging the tooth ahead. At times this tooth may need to be removed as well.

To avoid this visit your dentist and find out the position and health of your wisdom teeth early!

Adelaide Emergency Dentist recommends a number of options to make removing your wisdom teeth as comfortable as possible which include General Anaesthetic and IV Sedation.

To help identify which option is most suitable for you, contact us today on 0437 733 350.